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OH NO: Drama as Shakir Stewart Gets Posthumous Award at Georgia Music Hall of Fame Award Show!

chris brown

shakir-stewart_ripSeveral RFFocus readers have emailed me and told me star newswoman Monica Pearson and a woman all have only described as “A white lady” were shocked after Shakir’s wife or a woman spoke on his behalf.   Here is one of the most recent emails. I have contacted PBS to send me a copy of the tape.

I am watching the GMHOF Inductee Awards and was inducted posthumously.   His daughter spoke, then his wife (or baby mama), then his Mama, then his daddy. Anyway, once they walked off the stage there was shouting from the baby mama   ” GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME, DON’T YOU TOUCH ME, EVER!!!” she shouted and her mike was still on…Monica Kaufman Pearson and some white lady were hosting and you should’ve seen their faces…everybody could here the exchange backstage….

What happened?   You know you can get info from PBS but it appeared onstage the babymama and Shakir’s Mama don’t get along…OOH

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