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Dr. Laura’s “Retirement” Ends before it begins, she joins Sirius Radio

 width= Following the major N-word controversy over the summer, announced this past week that Dr. has signed a multi-year deal with the satellite network and will begin her program in January. I usually get press release from but this one… seems to have been sent to everyone but me. Wonder why? As you remember, in August, Dr. Laura Schlessinger said on “” that she was going to step down from hosting her radio program when her contract expired in December, yeah right. Wonder if she was in talks with back then? Schlessinger gained media attention when she repeatedly used the N-word on air. On Monday, announced that they were bringing the “Dr. Laura” advice program to the satellite radio network in January, according to the Associated Press. Although the specific terms of the deal have not been made public, it was revealed that she signed a multi-year deal. The author of “Ten Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives, and The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands” officially ends her hosting duties on Friday, Dec. 31, reports the Winnipeg Free Press. She will begin her new show on Monday, Jan. 3.   It’s a logical move for her because now she can do the same kind of sh… she was lambasted for on commercial radio.

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  1. I cant wait! I love her show and am so glad she will be on sirius “uncensored”! I’m black and I had no problem with what she said. It was pretty much the truth all the way around. I’m glad I have sirius, dont know what I would do with out my Dr Laura fix everyday! Me and my wife love her and have read all her books. It has helped us grow together like and flourish like a marriage should.

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