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Audio of Dr. Laura saying “Nigger, Nigger, Nigger”

 width=The next time I hear a white person say racism is dead I’m going to take a sh… right there on the spot. It’s hard to be too mad at Laura because it is evident from the way she looks (and her attitude) that she has not gotten fooked since 1968… but would you listen to this hag talk about black people and how we are supposed to feel? What fooking nerve…I’m inclined to agree, however, when she tells the woman she should not have married a white man if she is sensitive to racial issues. In addition, Laura uses the “Obama-is-in-the-white-house-and -he’s-black” excuse as to why black people should shut up and take the racist sh… that people like her, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the Fox Network spew daily. Obama’s presidency is not a FAVOR TO BLACK PEOPLE he is President because he was the best qualified cand idate. Truth be told people like Laura are using Obama’s presidency as an excuse to BE racist.

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  1. Unfortunately, anyone who thought a black person being president eradicated racism is in a fog. This only allowed a segment of our society to feel like okay “Whew we finally erased the stain of racism from our social consciousness”. The other part is like , “Hey we’ve taken this equality thing too far”

    The one thing we have all learned you can’t legislate or vote away what’s in someone’s heart.

  2. Her saying that doesn’t mean she’s racist it means she’s stupid, black men do use that word all the time, she shuldn’t tho.

  3. These comments are just further proof that blacks are the most steadfast racists on the planet. It’s OK to say Honky, Cracker, Chink or Spic, but it’s NOT OK to say nigger? The only reason Obama is in the White House is because the liberal media is so highly skilled at brainwashing the public. It’s obvious the man has no idea what needs to be done. His approval rating is now 23%. I don’t think any president has ever achieved such a low approval rating. That 23% is probably the entire black population. The black race would elect the Devil himself if he posed as a black candidate. OK, we’ll ban the word nigger for y’all. Coon sounds so much better.

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