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We Like CBS Radio! Congrats to WPGC and Donnie Simpson: Station Announces Winner of Next Top Jock


I know I talk about how stale urban radio often is here but this is one of those occasions when I have to get credit to a corporation that I have given credit to several times before. I really like CBS radio in Atlanta and now DC for leaving the programmers and the staff alone to do their jobs. THIS IS HOW RADIO IS SUPPOSED TO WORK Radio One and Clear Channel. The recent campaign at WPGC is nothing that nobody else in urban radio has not thought about but to IMPLEMENT IT! Now THAT’s the task and Donnie and the WPGC staff did an excellent job of creating a lot of hype around urban radio again. Shit, even I was excited about the campaign. This, once again, shows how local urban radio can win in a market and this is also where syndicated shows hurt the urban radio concept. As you know, I am a “LocalUrbanRadioist” (laugh). Once again congrats to the WPGC staff on bringing life back to local urban radio and continued success.

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