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Does Walgreens and Macy’s Owe Drake Money for YOLO?

 width=Rap singer,Drake is not taking kindly to Walgreens and Macy’s selling clothing using his now famous motto,”YOLO,” which stands for “You Only Live Once.” Drake went to his Instagram to vent his frustrations with the two corporations. “you gotta either chill or cut the cheque,” the Canadian resident wrote underneath a photo of baseball caps emblazoned with “YOLO.” “Macy’s . . . same goes for you,” he wrote under another photo of a t-shirt that pictures Charlie Brown and Snoopy and the words “YOLO is my motto.” Does Drake have a point or is he overreacting? I remember a conversation I had once with Dres from Black Sheep and he said he wished he would have acquired the copyright or put a trademark on “You Can Get With This Or You Can Get With That, Because This is Where Its At.”


  1. Drake certainly has a right to be pissed, yet while he certainly popularized the phrase, he didn’t handle his business by securing a copyright. The party who can prove they first commercially exploited the phrase/term/name has the first right. This case would be murky because YOLO is a derivative of “You Only Live Once,” which he clearly did NOT create. One popular example is from Mae West who uttered the phrase long before Drake was born – “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” – Perhaps the young Canadian is unaware of YOLO Restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale, FL which has been in business using the phrase since 2008. So, Drake should either Lawyer up, or quickly create another branded product such as an energy drink or vitamin pills that sustain your stamina for taking on life’s challenges. Free Advice from FortressMKTG.

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