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Documentary Channel Pays Tribute to American Heroes

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 width=All Day Line-Up Explores Some of the Country’s Most Fascinating War Stories with Films Featuring Narration From Duvall, General Wesley Clark, Beau Bridges, Pat Boone, Aaron Eckhart and More

Documentary Channel (DOC) proudly pays tribute to servicemen and women, both past and present, with a special Day marathon on Monday, May 28 beginning at 10:00 am . Kicking off with “Seeds of Destiny,” a postwar propaganda film produced in support of the United Nations Relief and winner of the 1946 Academy Award ® for short subject, the special line-up culminates with the US Television premieres of “Search for the Flyboys: The Ghosts of Palau” (8:00 pm ET/), a film narrated by General Wesley Clark that follows a team of military anthropologists and other specialists as they seek to uncover and identify the remains of a missing American aviator downed in II, and “Tin Can Sailors Will Not Be Forgotten” (9:30 pm ET/PT), a tribute to the men who served in the Second World War aboard the famed destroyer the USS Morris.

The full schedule for the special Memorial Day marathon is as follows (all times ET):

“Seeds of Destiny” (10:00 am) – A postwar propaganda film in support of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration. Strident but poignant, “Seeds of Destiny” focuses on children as it surveys the Nazi/Japanese atrocities, post-war devastation, and early relief efforts.

“Body of War” (10:30 am) – The moving story of Tomas Young, a 25-year-old war veteran, paralyzed from a bullet to his spine after serving for less than a week in Iraq. Produced and directed by Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro the film also features two original songs from Pearl Jam front man Eddie Vedder.

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