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Documentary Channel Examines Race Issues: “What Black Men Think”

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An In-Depth View of the Myths, Stereotypes and Misrepresentations About Men, Featuring Interviews with Dr. Steve Perry, Joseph C. Phillips, Michael Steele, and More

Documentary Channel (DOC) is proud to announce the US television premiere of director Janks Morton’s award-winning documentary film “What Think” on Tuesday, May 29 (8p ET/PT), part of Black Documentary Cinema. The film will also be made simultaneously available for online streaming at documentarychannel.com. A searing examination of the role that myths, stereotypes and misrepresentations have played in the lives of modern black men, “What Black Men Think” is an eye-opening look at the race issues that are still very prevalent in the United States today.

“What Black Men Think” explores how negative in the media, the failed policy of the Great Society, and a modern black that has abandoned many of its historically unifying tenets have all led to a new form of mental slavery in the black community. The film features commentary and insights from key black leaders, media personalities, activists and educators such as Dr. Steve Perry, actor Joseph C. Phillips, Former Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele, author Darryl James and more.

In a time when questions of race and racially motivated violence still populate the headlines, “What Black Men Think” explores the issues from the inside, offering a unique glimpse into the minds of America’s black men to reveal a powerful, enlightening, empathetic portrait of , and suggests we all reconsider the many misconceptions still so prevalent today.

Documentary Channel is primarily available through DISH Network (Channel 197) and DIRECTV (Channel 267).

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