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DMX Found and Arrested in Miami

One day after Arizona authorities issued a $5,000 dollar for any information leading to ’s arrest, the rapper has been apprehended by FBI Agents at Scott Storch’s house in , according to reports.

DMX, real name , was yesterday (December 9), after police followed up on a tip in regards to his location. Police     could not confirm if the rapper was being treated at a local rehab facility as his lawyer has suggested in previous, published reports. The rapper is expected to be held in a Miami jail until tomorrow morning, when he is expected to be extradited back to Arizona in the next 15 .

A woman in Georgia tipped Florida authorities about DMX’s whereabouts in order to collect the $5000 dollar reward for information leading to his capture.

The troubled star, who is reportedly in rehabilitation attempting to kick what many say is a long-time habit, is wanted for animal , drug possession and theft of charges, for defrauding a local clinic of $7,500 in services.

The rapper must post a $120,000 cash bond, or surrender his freedom, according to AllHipHop.com