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DL Hugley Out at 98.7 KISS FM

 width=Emmis Communications and the D.L. Hughley Morning Show are parting ways due to  reasons beyond the control of either party.

“Despite our best intentions, belief in their talent and even close friendships that have developed within our building…outside factors beyond our control have necessitated that we conclude the D.L. Hughley Morning Show on KISS FM,” said SVP, Market Manager, Alex Cameron.

“Mornings will remain local on KISS FM with some familiar voices and  a heavy dose of the music we’re known for…stay tuned!” said KISS FM Program Director, Jill Strada.


  1. Paul Mooney, Brian Mckight, Issac Hayes,Al B Sure, Larry Blackmon,Smokie Robinson,CHaka Khan,Micki Howard,Kieth Sweat and now DL, you aint a radio personality,u dont get numbers, you cant do what we do.
    Your ego,and dumb azz PDs combine for a waste of air time and money.
    Stick to the stage, sell records if you can and stay out of world of Black radio

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