Home Of Interest DL Hughley Breaks Down While Thanking a Former White Teacher (vid)

DL Hughley Breaks Down While Thanking a Former White Teacher (vid)

hughley_330.jpg" alt=" width="330" height="248" />I have a new respect for . This kind of sh… really gets to me. It is MOST unfortunate that a black boy’s mother would make such a derogatory comment to her son. This is the kind of sh… that makes kids grow up to be alcoholics and drug addicts, unresolved childhood issues. It was a great thing that this man did for .   Black adults MUST be more conscience of what they say to their children. It’s bad enough the Black father is not there, on most occasions, but when the MOTHER turns on the child there is no excuse. Stop being so damn selfish and consider you are all the kid has to depend on. Think before you speak to your kids!

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  1. D L has grown and I know this as well because I’ve been there as well and if not for the backing of some of my family members who believe in me and made me believe in myself. I’ve made a 360 turn around and now own my electrical company and I help as many young black men as possible to see their potential of being someone. I love giving and only to my black community but to the world and I thank god for the very being of able to help even if it is a little burden on my time so I give to them and I get satisfaction from know someone is better today than yesterday.

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