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DJSean Blu” Wilson was born in Frankfurt, and developed a of at an early age. Sean was just 10 old when he was inspired and developed a love for music after attending a with parents. Spinning records at friend’s parties and weddings using bedroom as a training ground for honing mixing skills. Since 1988, DJ Sean Blu has been determined to wow his audience with his turntable skills, and musical versatility. From the success of “Street Hymns tape Series” to the critical acclaim of his production company “Street Hymns Recordings”, Sean proved time and time that he would be a force to be reckoned with. And he continues to represent with his mix tapes, collaborations and shows. His love of music and the art of djing shine through in everything he does. Over the course of his career, DJ Sean Blu has achieved some accomplishments including” DJ of the Year” Awards and multiple “Mix tape of the Awards and nominations.

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