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DJ Khaled Debuts ‘I’m On One’ Video With Lil Wayne + More

BET Awards with a performance of their star-studded collaboration ‘I’m On One,’ DJ Khaled dropped a visual for the new single, featuring Lil Wayne, Drake and Rick Ross.

Helmed by ‘Lollipop’ director Gil Green and Drake, the blue-tinged, moody video is a meditative counterpart to the melancholy second single from Khaled’s upcoming debut, ‘We the Best Forever,’ portraying the of rap stardom, and the first collaboration of the three .

“Even for stars, there’s vulnerable moments, but at the end of the day, we’re on one. This is it. This is what we dreamed about,” Drake said of the video, which was shot in his new Miami digs, and features helicopter shots of the city at night, a Styrofoam cup-rocking Drizzy, sober Weezy, a watermelon Four Loko sipping, reflective-looking Khaled overlooking his city and doing “what he do,” with an exposed belly, babes and a white convertible Maybach.

“The whole idea is it’s not that polished glamour side of Miami, it’s the real side,” explained Gil Green. “The idea of this video is very dark, it’s very dreary. The imagery is very seductive and moody and edgy.”

’s ‘We the Best Forever’ hits shelves July 19. Check the album’s tracklisting here.