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Dion Summers Remembers Whitney Houston


Before I was a “radio guy”, I was a Whitney fan.   Since the age of 11.   And my continues to this day.

I was moved to pen this “Open Letter To Whitney” last week, following her death.   I was so conflicted last week, as I was tasked with the professional responsibility of commemorating an icon on-the-air and developing a “plan” for her on SiriusXM ““ and at the same time, personally trying to find the time and to grieve over a that I’d been in love with for most of my life.

Thanks to you and for RFFocus for soliciting positive stories about Whitney.   I always say “we” need to give our icons their while they’re still here!   I hosted several live to her on the air last week and constantly referred to her as “The Queen Of Pop”, a title that I hope will remain her official title.   She will always be in our .

Much love, RFFocus Team!