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Diddy Rehires Looney Choreographer

He’s becoming more and more brilliant. Can someone say RATINGS. This man TOTALLY thinks outside the box and this is what makes him rise to the top (and on the opposite end keeps many of us at the bottom) First the transgendered woman on I want to work for now the transmental patient is rehired as the choreographer is back. Music mogul Sean “” Combs has re-hired Laurie Ann Gibson – the choreographer who accused him of threatening to assault her with a chair just before she was fired. The falling out was caught on tape, during a first-season episode of MTV’s “Making the Band ” realty television program. Gibson later filed a police complaint against Combs, alleging he lifted a chair and threatened her with it. The two seemed to have resolved the dispute and the choreographer will work with the rapper again on the latest season of the show. “We had this relationship before MTV, so there was a place of, “˜Can we put this behind us? I believe in who you are. Do you still believe in who I am? We have something bigger than the show,'” Gibson said. “Business-wise, it was definitely in my best interest to take the challenge to move forward and put it behind me.” The reunion between the dancer and will be featured during the season premiere of the “Making The Band ” – which airs August 19. Gibson adds, “I said, `No chairs and no entourage!’ There were no chairs, except the ones we were sitting on, and there was no entourage.”