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Did Drake Takeover Gospel Station Praise 92.7?

drake-remixesWe already know Radio One is making some changes across several markets in order to boosts listens, advertising, etc. Well, it looks as if the next big change is coming to Praise 92.7. Starting late Friday night, Praise 92.7 starting playing Drake’s music and that is all they played. We have seen this before in Houston when a station was about to switch formats, they played all Beyonce.

Radio One has not released an official statement but we are pretty sure Praise 92.7 is about to crossover to a Boom format. If this is the plane, the new station would be in direct competition in Charlotte with Beasley’s “Power 98” 97.9 WPEG, which is the other urban/hip-hop station in the region. We expect Radio One to make an official announcement very soon. Until then, we would like to tell all the Charlotte listeners to enjoy the non-stop Drake.

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