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DeShawn Snow No Longer a 'Real' Housewife: May be Replaced by Tameka Foster or Dorys Erving

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DeShawn lacked the fire necessary for Reality and she’s been canned. Rumor is Bravo is courting Tameka Foster and the best looking woman in the entire state of Georgia, Dorys Erving to replace her. My vote is for Dorys…. I starting a campaign this afternoon…

Some say that DeShawn Snow was the quiet in the storm of drama that rained on Bravo’s dramality series “The Real Housewives of .” In reality television, playing it safe doesn’t lure viewers or make the grade; when it comes to ratings, only diva antics, tension and catfights will do. As the remaining ladies”Lisa Wu Hartwell, , Sheree Whitfield and Kim Kolciak”gear up for the second installment, Snow learned on Monday that she would not be returning to the cast. Snow spoke cand idly with . about the call that hurt her, why Bravo won’t be able to replace her, and how she plans to keep it moving.

ESSENCE.COM: We hear that you are no longer returning to “The .” Is that true?

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