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Denise Mathews (Vanity from Vanity 6) has Died


The industry and fans remember the stunning Denise “Vanity” Mathews who has died following years of ailments that she attributed to her drug use during her heyday in the 80s as a member of Vanity 6. She was 57. Denise admitted to unimaginable abuse that she suffered as a child growing up in Niagara Falls, Ontario from her father that later haunted her during her success as an international singer. After being Prince’s protegé and girlfriend she left the group Vanity 6 to be a solo act on Motown records with minimal success. She wrote a book about her life “Blame it on Vanity” and released it in 2012 and decided to sell it herself instead of using a major publisher and the book was not a success as she had been out of the industry at least two decades at that point. I was supposed to do a podcast with her on her book but we never locked in a time or date.

Denise was forced to set up a go fund me campaign to raise money for her continued ailing health which RFFocus posted this past August. It’s most unfortunate that she will be mourned by a ton of other celebrities but she was alone and felt the need to ask fans to help her raise $7000 of a proposed $50,000 for medical expenses. She gave her life to God after years of drug abuse, tumultuous relationships and heartache and she consistently ministered in Los Angeles over the past 20 years. She stated getting saved, saved her life. She will forever be immortalized as a lead in the Motown cult film classic “The Last Dragon.”

Her last post updating her health was in August 2015.

My Nephrologist told me Friday afternoon that i did not have “Pancreatitis” and that is good news however the bad news is they say i have “Sclerosis Encapsulating Peritonitis” I thought the first diagnosis was weird because i was never a drinker nor have i ever been drunk in my whole life, that was not my drug of choice “back in the day. I was on a Peritoneal type of dialysis for six years and we know that whatever we do unto our body feeding it chemically, dialysis medicines, unless it is perfectly organic can lead to much suffering in its end. I went into the emergency twice this week, boy it is not fun suffering in this body of weak flesh… but Jesus is straightening out all my crooked places in my heart as i go thru this time of pain….i won’t complain! I cried aloud begging Jesus to help me thru this pain and three nurses rushed to my door … only to tell me loudly “BE Quiet” I had been waiting in excruciating pain for at least an hour and 45 minutes begging for help!…Then they slammed my door and left me. “Blessed are those that are persecuted for righteousness sake..It was the name of Jesus that some do hate…but forgive them they know not what they do, i pray them Jesus before it is too late amen.
So pray for me now for i am believing in complete healing of this body longing to be healed made whole my heart..I have my vision, i keep it close. I repent daily my sins, my faults and my shortcomings. He has brought me out of so many fires, oh so many, 23 years alive after the doctors pronounced i would be dead way back then 1992…I lift my head up high to the sky and do thank my Jesus that He has kept me thus far and even as much as this body would love to be with Him in Heaven right this minute… for He is my true love and King over my life…even as the Apostle Paul yearned also to be with Him in the Heavenly’s ….As well David the King..we have our duty and i will serve my generation…i am happy to live and declare my testimonies with joy unspeakable believing for Him to pull me thru. I will endure until He comes for my soul. ..Tho my testimonies, some hard and some dangerously painful are all unto the glory of the Lord. i am learning continuous obedience always hoping for change to become who He is… thru all my sufferings …And my King has made my heart soft…My very first prayer on my deathbed to Jesus was” Do whatever it takes to save me, just don’t let me die…Whatever it takes, make my heart whole…He is busily working on me…If you are suffering thru something right now i lift you to Jesus ..may He preserve you and keep you unto His heavenly kingdom and may you endure thru your change in Him…He knows what it takes to break us, make us deliver us into His Holy hands amen…Make our hearts Whole amen…!nluvdenise

RIP Vanity.

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