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Democrats Have the Solution for Republicans Attempting To Rig 2014 Midterm Election



National Democratic Strategist and former White House spokesman Bob Weiner, along with Joseph Abay, Robert Weiner Associates’ Senior Policy Analyst and Author, have published an op-ed in this week’s Michigan Chronicle, “VOTE NOV. 4: Defeat Suppression of Minorities, Youth, Workers,” a message to voters to show up at the polls and be willing once again to stand in long lines to prevent Republicans from stealing the election through voter suppression efforts in key states with close races. The Michigan Chronicle has been named six times as the number one African American Newspaper in America.

Weiner and Abay open by citing the just released Government Accounting Office report that shows Republican sponsored voter identification laws have disproportionally reduced the turnout of African American, poor and youth voters by 2-4%, because of the cost of the ID’s. “This percentage drop is critical in close races,” Weiner and Abay contend.

They say that because the courts will not have time to act before the election in most states, “standing in lines again to have voices heard – which worked in 2012 and 2008 — may again be the only answer to stop a right-wing takeover of the Senate and massive progressive losses in the House.”

They argue that Republicans have taken advantage of the Supreme Court’s decision to invalidate Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act. Weiner and Abay state in the article,”93 restrictive voting bills were introduced in 33 states; 22 states have passed them, and counting. On September 29th, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, the #2 House Democrat, contended that “Republicans around the country are trying to make it more and more difficult for people to vote, because their premise, which is accurate in my opinion, is if everyone votes, Democrats win.”

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