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De La Soul’s Kickstarter Campaign Reaches $600,000 and Rising

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Ever since their debut album,3 Feet High and Rising,  Kelvin Mercer, David Jude Jolicoeur and Vincent Mason, collectively known as De La Soul has been a true force in the world of hip hop. The trio has true staying power in the industry because they remain true to themselves and their loyal fan base has allowed them to maintain a career regardless of any label support.

De La Soul’s music is timeless and if you have ever seen them live on stage, they are true entertainers and represent hip hop in its purist essence. That aforementioned essence is about to be captured via their eighth studio album, “And the Anonymous Nobody.”

Although the album title is reflective of De La Soul’s creativity and cleverness, they are far from anonymous or nobodies. That point is proven in the fact that this album was able to come to fruition due to a game-changing Kickstarter campaign launched approximately a month ago.  With a goal of $110,000, De La Soul’s fans supported in such a way that smashed their intended goal as they reached an amazing $600,874 from 11,169 backers.

Like most Kickstarter campaigns, those backers will receive a few cool perks in exchange for their support. Some backers will receive a vinyl copy of the album, others will receive t-shirts, while the bigger donors will receive personal face time with the group via Skype.

De La Soul’s fan’s have spoken with resounding force to the point their Kickstarter campaign is the second largest amount of money raised for a music project in the company’s short history.  Far from the days of “Me Myself and I,” De La Soul may have made Kickstarter history but I’m sure their fans are appreciative of the fact they are still making music.



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