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WHAT IN DE FOOK: Teens Sing I Eat Da P&@sy in front of CHILDREN! (vid)

 width=This is too much for even my dark sense humor. What kind adults were responsible for this “performance.” They say “I eat pu..y and your asshole too” and one part they say “I’ll suck the sh… out ya ass.” (You gotta be mighty hungry to do that). At any rate, all this foolishness taking place with CHILDREN present. Let us pray. The TEENAGERS should know better than this sh…. This is disgusting.

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  1. See this is why we work directly with our youth in the recording studio teaching them that content is the most important part of their talent… This is trash and someone should be put down for this…

  2. AGAIN…where the HELL are the parents?!?! Everyone of these young men should be arrested…! Sorry…but this is NOT cute!!!

  3. This is a shame before God and man, i felt like crying seeing those small children standing there dancing to that nonsense. It’s ludicrous….I’m a 54 year old woman and has never seen such decadence of life. These truly are the last days….so you all need to get your life together….GOD IS NOT PLEASE

  4. This fringes on a child obscenities violtion. Adults behaving in a verbally vile manner; using children as props for is totally unacceptable. Someone asked the question: “Where are their parents?” For all we know one of the performers could be a parent. Do you remember the Lil’ Wayne BET Awards performance? Some of the “miners” were reportedly his children. No different. That okay because one day at least some of them will look back on this video feeling more shame than those of us seeing it today.

  5. Where is Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Leaders of the NAACP and other proud leaders of the African American community speaking out against this outrage? Wait.. I know, there’s no money to be made of people rapping explicit lyrics in front of “miners”. If the leaders of the black community would step up when they see scenes like this, then maybe, just maybe lessons could be thought to help lead these kids in the right direction. If you take a look at this video there are a lot of other people in the crowd watching this show and not one person stepped up to stop it. Everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves. Once again, just another example of whats wrong in the African American community.

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