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DC Radio Fans, Who Has the BEST and WORST Radio Shows?


We love our DC Radio Fans and we’re always wondering what’s on their minds. We’ve had a lot of complaints about the morning shows being switched around there especially the Tom Joyner Morning Show being moved to and some were having a getting used to , has that changed? How’s Donnie Simpson doing on the air. What about Joe Claire and Quicksilva and ? Which shows do you like the and the least? We want to know, feel free to comment.


russ parr

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  1. I totally hate the Russ Parr show, I tolerate the FAM Morning show, I don’t bother with the corny Donnie Simpson show, I listen to Michael Baisden now or my IPOD. Under no circumstance will I listen to the Steve Harvey Morning show. I’m still rooting for Tom Joyner. I loved that show and miss it so much. The AM reception is a big joke and a disgrace for a legend like Tom Joyner. But money over loyal listeners has always been Radio One’s Motto.

    That’s my 2 cents. Not that it means anything.

    • Hi, I still like Steve and his radio show. By meeting with Trump he tried to see what he could get m from Trump like he did to Steve. That’s what business people do. It s sad people don’t understand business.

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