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David Banner/Master P talk to Lawmakers

rfocus.orgMembers of the hip hop community along with top label execs met and defended the industry to lawmakers stating it was wrong to single out the genre for congressional probation.

Lavell “David Banner” Crump told the House consumer protection subcommittee that picking on rap unfairly singles out the black community. (Let us all thank Mr. Banner, who’s name derives from Bill Bixby’s Incredible Hulk character, for taking the time to speak for the ENTIRE Black community)

“When it comes down to it, it’s just a song,” Crump said. “Arnold Schwarzenegger is governor of California, but in his movies he killed half of Cambodia and he went to Mars and blew up Mars . . . but that’s OK because he’s a white man and he’s an actor.” (What’s the possibility that a Black OR a white person would kill half of Cambodia or blow up Mars? vs something like calling a black woman a “bitch” or shooting up the neighborhood?)

Crump and, wealthy but now reformed, Percy “Master P” Miller, told lawmakers during a hearing on the impact of media on American culture that songs with lyrics about death, sex and substance abuse are nothing new.

“Hip-hop is sick because America is sick,” Crump said. (And so, I take it we must continue and profit from the cycle?)

Miller comes from a different perspective (now that the sun has began to set on his empire, perhaps) having sworn off the use of offensive words and other depictions because he says they do little to further society (…or his career but if the money’s right again… who knows! Look at Mase). He told the panel that he had an (marketing) epiphany when he turned down his own music when his kids were in the car so they couldn’t hear the words.


  1. This debate about the negative effects of rap music serves a good purpose for dialog about the issue. Rap music reflects the culture not just black culture but the culture of America. Look at the new fall TV lineup of the major networks let along cable TV shows where America media promotes…sex, sex and more sex, violence, violence and more violence even among college educated professionals violence and irresponsible sexual behavior is dressed up as attractive and to be tolerated.
    In order to quell some of the criticism why don’t the major rap artists put out some positive music about women, men, youth family and achieving goals in life or even politics…not just one cut on the CD. Music fuels revolution and change what change is current flavor of rap music producing, commercialism, free unresponsible sex and violence. Why don’t any of the artist rap about street violence prevention or the negative effects of guns and drugs on our community? Their argument is that the powers that be will not play that type of music. So who has the real power to continue the violent driven rap and quell the positive rap? We all know the answer to that one.

  2. Why can’t we stand by our creation? Yes, it has been commercialized, but Banner is right, this is just another attack on the black community. When the hip hop culture was only a part of the Black culture, everything was fine and dandy. Yet, the majority of fans of Hip-Hop today are young white teens. Now, America must STOP this agregious form of abuse on “America’s Youth”!! Ha! Are you kidding me? Their not worried about our little babies, boys or girls. They’re worried about theirs!! (white kids). This is a very profitable culture. For all the new fall season TV premiers, I’ve noticed they’re playing Hip-Hop music! It’s great when they are making money off of us, but when the dollars are coming from their own homes and the culture is sinking into their own living rooms… now we’ve got a problem. Yes, I do agree that some of the language in some of the music is offensive. And you know what? I don’t listen to it. I don’t buy that. The consumers have ultimate control over what they hear and/or see. We set the trends and until we realize this, nothing will change. I could go on and on in so many directions on this, but I’d be here all day and I have work to do. Thanks for the forum to discuss this though.

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