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DAMN SHAME: Why is T.I. Doing a Job that Black Fathers Should be doing on their Own?

Do you realize the irony in this situation?

In all honesty, I feel bad for women who have to raise sons on their own. This is one of the things that has always dissappointed me about the many twisted ironies of people (don’t get me started). Nothing against Clifford but it’s a fooking shame that a white judge had to assign a rapper to talk to kids as part of his “punishment” when their own damn fathers should be doing the out of love. I’m stopping here, I’m going to get on the box if I go any further. Look at the relief in this mother’s face that a …ANY MAN has spoken and shown some interest in her son in a way that she can’t.. this is a fookin’ shame…. wonder why some of our kids fooked up.

On Thursday, April 10th at the Village of Carver YMCA in , GA Mr. Harris continued his positive journey sharing his platform, “Stop Teen On Teen Violence”. The program was hosted by Kim Wilson, Executive Director of FOR ME, INC. and involved over 30 teens and parents from the organization. As for Mr. Harris’ primary message for the organization, he focused on the youth and talked about distinguishing between reality and entertainment. Mr. Harris also encouraged the youth to turn away from negativity and stressed that certain situations can interfere with positive growth and success in . Following the discussions and Q&A session, Mr. Harris participated in some activities with the FOR ME Program and talked to teens about their school and other community interests.

Later that , Mr. Harris was pulled aside by a parent expressing gratitude and respect for Mr. Harris and stated his message was heartfelt and sincere and will inspire her child to do better.

“Again, we are making organizations realize that Mr. Harris has always been concerned with the youth and families from his community. Since our organization has known him, this is how TIP is made up: “The Real Deal and No Faking It” and focused on giving ”, stated Curtis B., Executive Director of It’s To Be Smart

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