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CRISPY PIE CRUST? URBAN PD Jealous of On-Air Staff

rfocus.orgCame across this post on Urban Insite… I’ve gotten emails about this before but didn’t address it… Too bad this shit is STILL going on…. I know a former urban programmer who fits this description to a T…..

Question. i work for a p.d. who takes every opportunity to put me down. i out rated him in the book. instead of appreciating my efforts he tells the ops manager bad things about me.my ops respects my talents. my p.d. threatens me with my job often! he really seems to be in fear of me. he threw me under the bus with the sales department. he treats the station like his own he does concerts and have us to promote them and does not give us anything not even a thank you i know he is making money under the table! if he’s having an event he doesn’t care about the advertisers he will not promote a competing event! excuse me these people PAID for their air time! he always blames everybody else for his faults he is LAZY!L.A.Z.Y LAZY! he does nothing for the community. he is so full of himself! he calls me 10 times for stupid stuff! i would not say anything now i have to break my silence or is that a good idea? please tell me!

If I can professionally address this, your PD is a PUSSY who knows he is not qualified to work as a PD or in radio period. Of course he’s getting money under the table and of course he fears you. I have been thru this same exact thing with at least 1 black “programmer.” My suggestion: LEAVE. “Programmers” like this only rob you of your self esteem because they have none and if a so-called programmer is jealous of his own staff, it’s a no win situation that will come to an abrupt end… but at what cost to you? Get the fuck out of that toxic dump and get a job working with a qualified Black PD and one more piece of advice, work around him giving you a reference, he will surely say something negative, which is actually illegal. Say all good shit about him, no matter how hard it is so that when he does get a chance to bash your character, and he will, it looks worse on him. Programmers like this never keep a job very long and eventually, they get booted out of the business. Corporations should do an anonymous poll every couple of months to find out what the on-air staff thinks of the programmer, a station is only as good as its leaders.

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