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Creative Artists Elite Revolutionizes the Concept of “Music School”

c.a.eCreative Artists Elite is slated to revolutionize the industry of music education with an innovative music program that caters to the independent artists of tomorrow. Some of the most successful people in today’s music industry are those who create their own work, know how to market themselves, and understand their branding. C.A.E is here to change the game with this intimate and hands on approach to teach up and coming independent artists how to create, nourish, and build a flourishing music career.

Starting out in Los Angeles in mid-July, Creative Artists Elite is launching the their first 8 day program in the United States. With a strong team of instructors that include, Producer/Writer, Erik “Blu2th” Griggs, who served as the principle writer of the Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown hit, “No Air;” Producer/Writer, Casey K, who has been featured on MTV, ESPN, Power 106 and has toured the globe; and Producer/Engineer, Mike Boden, who has worked with everyone from Linkin Park to D’Angelo.

With this elite team of instructors, the 8-day course will be one the 32 initial students will appreciate and take away valuable lessons that will help shape their careers today and beyond. The course consists of the following:

“¢ The intensive courses are 8 days long.

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