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Cool DJ Law from Norfolk’s 103 Jamz Dies

chris brown

 width=Chris Belcher and Lawrence Brown are Big ‘B’ and Cool Law on the air. They performed weekdays on the Boodah Brothers on 103 Jamz. Brown, 40,   Sunday of an apparent .

The announcement was made on the , 102.9 , Sunday evening about 4:45 p.m. Brown, with Horace “Big B” Belcher, hosted the “Boodah Brother Morning Show.” The two had been working together at 103 Jamz since 1992, but became friends when they were third graders in Fayetteville, N.C.

The two were both from military families and later attended .

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  1. Wow! I worked at 103 JAMZ back in the day and remember when “Law” and “Big B” would hang out trying to find out how they can be down. He started as a master mixer for the station on the weekends and worked his way to the morning drive spot. A truley great human being who will definitely be missed!

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