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Congratulations to “The RFFocus 2011 Top 45 Current DJ” WINNERS!!!!

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Congratulations to “The RFFocus 2011 Top 45 Current DJ” WINNERS!!!!

EDITOR’S NOTE: RFFocus has NOT IN ANY WAY picked these winners. Winners were voted on by their fans on social networks, websites etc. some of the winners are no longer working at a station but were working at the start of the contest 10 weeks ago. This contest got the MOST votes of any contest that we have done. DJs were asked to place code on all of their social networks to get their fans to vote for them. We marketed the contest to a majority of radio stations, several DJ organizations and to MOST commercial radio DJs… The results are below. The statements under the winner’s names are comments made by some of their fans. This contest will be done again next year.



#45 D. Stone aka “Hypeman D. Stone” / KATZ-AM – Saint Louis , MO

(pictured: Hypeman)

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  1. Thank you for all your support and to RFFocus for thinking about the DJ’s. This is a honor and something that I’m sure we all will remember. Remember it’s all about the the listners.

  2. SOOO MANY TALENTED JOCKS ON THIS LIST!!! Thank you to RadioFacts.com for putting on this contest, and of course to everyone who voted…for anyone…we feed off your support. Tosh, I see you!!!!

  3. Words cant express the gratitude RFFocus for this contest. It’s refreshing to be apart of this elite group of individuals!

    Congrats to all…

  4. What a complete honor it is to be on this list with some of my good friends and people that I totally respect in this business.

    Kudos to everyone on the list!!

  5. Thank you for the recognition! Congratulations and respect goes out to EVERYONE on the list!

  6. I’m “EXTREMELY THANKFUL” just to have been thought of well enough to be considered for this contest, so thank you Radio Facts, and I want to Thank all of those who voted for me. It’s truly an honor to stand along side ALL of these Talented Personalities that are on this list, and even those who are not. Lets all continue to work hard to keep “personality radio” alive. Congrats fellow Honorees

  7. Like to say thanks to all my radio family and your votes. Thanks big goes out to RFFocus and to be put on the list and for putting together another way to see who is out there with talent. Thanks again, Dre

  8. Thanks to RFFocus for having the contest, and congratulations to my colleagues that made the list. It’s nice to know the work we all put in is appreciated.

  9. I Thank You and Thank God for this Blessing! I am grateful and humbled. It is truly by Gods Good Grace that I can do what I love to do and live to see that it is appreciated.

  10. Thank you to Radiofacts for the opp, you are all great & thanks so much to all that voted, this means so much to me!!!
    Prolifik I see u too congrats xoxo!!

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