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CONGRATS: Donnie Simpson Renews at WPGC

 width=It’s certainly good to report an urban vet is renewing a contract these days. DC Staple has just renewed with for another 2 years. Donnie.


  1. Hello Donnie,
    I’m happy to hear that you have renewed your contract witn WPGC. My name is Cam Burley and I am the director with Push MultiMedia. We are a media company that specializes in building applications and digital publishing. PushMultiMedia has developed the perfect solution for Ad Revenue Growth by scientifically targeting each listener. Mr. Simpson this is incredibly groundbreaking and it would be my honor to further discuss how we’re going to revolutionize your revenue growth and change the way in which you interact with your listners. I can be reached on 202-607-1192.
    Cam Burley

  2. When did Huggie leave your show? I am hearing about a year. But I was listening to huggie last year up until May of 2008, unless they were reruns. Please help me with this one.

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