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CoCo Brother Interviews Bishop Eddie Long (sample audio)



The day I wanted to stop sharing Jesus…

An unsaved person once said, “I’d rather stay being an atheist if christians throw away and kill their own when they are in trouble.” It was very hard to minister the true gospel to that person because the whole world has watched how we’ve treated other christians when they go through something! ……”Keep your religion and keep your jesus also, they said. You guys don’t practice what you preach.” my heart was crushed. I walked away saying how do we show the love of jesus when christians don’t show it to one another! My brother Jamal Bryant inspired me to have a conversation with bishop eddie long after a conversation we had. Jamal said, “we are the only ones that throw away our leaders when they are wounded.” I finally picked up the phone and called bishop long to have a heart felt conversation with him…..

“We preach grace but we don’t give it. We preach redemption but we don’t let people be redeemed,” states bishop long. I encourage you to listen to this interview. If this blesses you, tweet bishop long and let him know. @bishopeddielong

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