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Clive Davis Opens Up About Being Bisexual

Clive Davis1(see video below) We just reported yesterday that was slated to release a new book and today we have found out that, in his new book The Sound Track of My Life, music mogul reveals that he’s bisexual, and has been in a few committed relationships with men since 1985.

“For over 50 years, I never had sex with a male,” said Davis,  who was twice married, said he did not even think about men in a romantic capacity until his fifties.

“It wasn’t repressed, I had very good sexual relationships with women,” the legendary music mogul told ABC. “Never for me “¦ this very maligned and misunderstood subject of bisexuality came up.”

Clive Davis, who’s currently the chief creative officer for Sony Music Entertainment, said he was involved in a 13-year relationship with a doctor, and a 7-year relationship with another man.

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