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Clergy Members Ready to Flood Ferguson


Hundreds of interfaith clergy members and seminarians from the PICO National Network, Sojourners, the Fellowship of Reconciliation and many more will join thousands of people from across the country who are heading to St. Louis this weekend to support local residents, activists and clergy organizing a series of protests, rallies and events entitled,“Ferguson October: A Weekend of Resistance.” The weekend actions follow more than 60 days of sustained local protests following the killing of Mike Brown by Officer Darren Wilson, the refusal to arrest or charge him, and the hyper militarized and unconstitutional response to peaceful protests (full schedule of faith events listed below).

Clergy leaders and religious organizers from multi-faith and multi-racial backgrounds are firm in their belief that police brutality and police homicide are an unconscionable moral issue, plaguing both Ferguson and communities across the country, as seen in the senseless police brutality that killed John Crawford in Ohio, Eric Garner in New York, and so many others.

Since August, faith leaders have been on the ground in Ferguson working with communities to support and amplify a long overdue conversation about policing and criminal justice. All activities are specifically shaped seeking justice for Mike Brown, and calling for the larger systemic reforms needed in order to ensure full dignity and respect in our communities of color through the accountability of police by local community review boards, and the transformation of national standards of policing. (click here for a full list of demands from the Organization for Black Struggle and the Hands Up, Don’t Shoot Coalition).

For updates, a full schedule of events, and compete list of endorsers, visit www.FergusonOctober.com

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