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Clear Channel Layoffs: Decidedly Less Urban?


As the industry continues to SHIFT and compete with almost a total conversion of EVERYTHING to the internet so many media outlets are just DEAD, DECEASED AND EXPIRED. Innovation, creativity and open-mindedness are at the forefront of any successful business in today’s internet dominating society. Magazines have been relegated to toilet reading until a great concept for bathroom laptops come in and Radio corporations like CC are making a concerted effort to be a lot more innovative and open the door for more opportunities to create cash flow and to resurrect/maintain interest in the medium.

I was thinking a LOT of urban radio people would be laid off yesterday. Not because they were not skilled or that they SHOULD be laid off but because it’s no secret, and in many circles common knowledge and a sick joke… urban ALWAYS goes first…. While I hate to see Jamillah, Jo Gamble or R Dub go, I really thought there would be a lot MORE urban radio casualties. I am pleasantly surprised and impressed with Mark Mays and CC’s business savvy. Let’s face it, in today’s urban radio structure, firing one urban radio employee is like firing 5 employees, not to mention syndication absolutely rules in the urban arena (to the point of pure boredom can we PLEASE get some new, YOUNG, ENTERTAINING talent?) so where is the fat to trim at urban? Outside of what CC may consider excessive salaries of some urban radio people, which would be a base rate for others (laugh, I kill me) I couldn’t think of a place and it all pretty much makes sense now. I don’t know if I can say that urban radio pros were reactive in this case mostly because we were forced to be, and this is a great thing… PROACTIVE we were the first to multi-task and diversify early on which probably SAVED a LOT of urban people from pink slips yesterday and continuously across the board at urban radio.

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