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Christian station hampered by theft, tangled in red tape


The fifth time was the charm for WINW Joy 1520 AM Radio.

Well, not really. On Feb. 23, the station, which features black-gospel music, was rendered silent after copper thieves damaged its transmitter located in Plain Township.

It marked the fifth time that burglars hit the transmitters, said station owner/manager Curtis A. Perry III.

Here’s where it gets complicated. Perry, entered a $300,000 purchase agreement for Joy 1520 in 2001 under a “time-brokerage” agreement, which is similar to a land contract. He completed payment for the station in 2008, but still is awaiting transfer of the license from its former owner.

Perry said after the burglary, an anonymous letter was sent to the , claiming the station had been off the air for a year without notifying the agency “” a violation of FCC law and cause for license cancellation.

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