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Chitlin’ Sushi: Are Rosci and Terrance Fooking?

It’s not hard to see, from the video footage that these two have been fooking. Let this be a lesson to you, YOU SHOULD NOT THAT YOU WITH (this excludes your boss… do what you gotta do to get a promotion, oh and janitors and cleaning ladies are also excluded from the list, if you are THAT horny, you have my permisson to fook them, with their permission of course, that part really helps…). In this , something went wrong. straight out disrespects Rosci several times on camera and even the audience is uncomfortable with this sh… asking her why she doesn’t have a body like and more. Rosci has not been taping the show recently and it’s rumored she doesn’t want to work with anymore, who knows. She may get her wish. Sources state the ratings are in the can. Time will tell…

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