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Charlie Wilson Talks to Tom Joyner about bout with Cancer

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Singer Charlie Wilson is known for rockinâ„¢ the house, but a recent health scare nearly shook him down for good and now heâ„¢s urging brothers to Å“man up  and get screened for prostate cancer.

Å“I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the last part of July, the summer,  Wilson told “The Tom Joyner Morning Show.” Å“Itâ„¢s been a rough battle for me mentally. I caught it on a routine checkup. 

It was an aggressive form of cancer, Wilson said, noting that after his first PSA test came back with a high number, it jumped a full point by the time he had a follow-up test a month later, a sign that something was definitely wrong.

Å“That test usually takes a year to jump a whole point, but it jumped in one month,” Wilson said, “so it was aggressive, growing fast inside me. Å“

The 49-year-old singer underwent a procedure in which radiation seeds were implanted into his prostate to kill the cancer cells. The seeds then dissipate, without any harmful effect on other cells, Wilson said.

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