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Charlamagne Talks to RFFocus : The Industry, Wendy Williams and The Breakfast Club


coverThe theme of the 20th Anniversary issue of RFFocus is “Inspiration for Stagnation” no holds barred and this by far is one of the best interviews I have done in the history of RFFocus . I have never had a guest so incredibly honest and unwilling to play the usual radio under the radar politics in public. Truth be told it is what makes Charlamagne one of my favorite radio people and a star that has barely scratched the surface of his success.  He reminds of me of who I WANTED to be in my radio career but I didn’t have the access to the tools that jocks have today. People like Charlamagne are usually advised to play by the rules, watch what they say and play the game but that makes announcers, it never makes STARS! 

KEVIN ROSS: You we’re very very unlikely to become a huge radio star so quickly. You didn’t have a lot of experience and you reached the number one market in what seemed like no time. Does it seem like it happened overnight?

Charlamagne: Kev, I am offended by that question. OK, I’m offended because I am a seventeen year radio veteran I started off as an intern in 1998 in Charleston, South Carolina at a station called Z-93 Jamz.


KR: How did you initially meet Wendy Williams? 

CTG: Wendy Williams use to come on before us on Hot 103.9 in Carolina in the afternoon so she started visiting the market. I had this song called “Pink T” on a mixtape that I did with DJ Frosty and I thought Wendy would love it because of the “How u dewin” thing and I took it to her. How U dewin was the code for someone being homosexual, at least back then.

When I took it to her and introduced myself and told her how much I loved what she did, Wendy’s exact words to me were “Get the fuck outta here with that mixtape shit, I’m tryin’ to do my show take that mixtape shit to my husband”

Now, I could’ve been dejected and tucked my tail between my legs went home and got in my little Honda and felt sad that one of my idols just shitted on me on me but I didn’t. I did exactly what she said do I took that “mixtape shit” to her husband and I went to the conference room and he was sitting there and I remember the name of the CD was Hate is Necessary and on the cover was Wendy Williams, Star (from Star and Buc Wild) and Bill O’ Reilly. Her husband Kevin asked me if I thought Wendy was a hater and I told him no when people tell the truth others don’t want to hear it and call them a hater. Kevin thought about it and said “Yo that’s Dope, I like that.” We exchanged numbers and started a repoire

KR: What is the longest time that you have been out of work?

CTG: The longest I was out of work was for about 4 to 5 months and then I got hired at 100.3 the Beat in Philly. I was number 3 in the market and it was just me. Elroy Smith and Johnnie Glover hired me, then they hired Boogie D a PD from St. Louis and we didn’t hit it off. The first day I met him he was like “YO, ARE WE GONNA BE ABLE TO GET ALONG?” and I was like, why wouldn’t we be able to get along? But the truth is… We didn’t get along. I interviewed Beanie Sigel one morning and the interview was great and went viral and Boogie came into the studio that day and said “We’re going in a new direction” and I was fired, they hired Star and Buc Wild, it didn’t work and the station no longer exists. To my knowledge…. Boogie is back in St. Louis………………..

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CEO of RF Focus, Radio and Music Industry Veteran. Radio DJ, Programmer, Musician and Voice Talent. Graduated from Performing Arts in Buffalo, N.Y. and worked at the legendary KKBT (92.3 The Beat) during its nationwide heyday in the early 90s. Also worked for Stevie Wonder at KJLH.

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