Charlamagne Reveals more of what Happened at WPHI: Jay Stevens, Steve Reynolds

Great piece Charlamagne wrote in XXL recently where he talks about and today’s youth. I absolutely agree with him. Kev


In my opinion, the most ignorant thing you can tell a person is to purposely “dumb it down.” Still, I’ve heard people say this to rappers; I’ve heard people who write scripts for television shows and movies say this; and Jay Stevens, the VP of Programming for Radio One, and a morning show coach named Steve Reynolds said something similar to me.

They said, and I quote, “The 18-34 demographic in urban radio doesn’t want to be enlightened, they want to have fun!”

I explained to them that this is the Barack Obama Era. People want to be educated, enlightened, as well as entertained. The higher ends of my demo are watching CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News more than ever. We had the highest youth voter turnout ever in the history of the U.S. during the last presidential election so that showed that our demo cares about things other than Lil Wayne or Drake.

I was told by Jay Stephens and Steve Reynolds that I was wrong, and to quote Jay directly: “20-year-old Black kids are still watching Nickelodeon.”

Really, Jay, 20-year-old kids?

At 20, most young people are in college, some young people are even married with families with kids who are watching Nickelodeon. These guys really think that we are so dumbed down that we’re watching Nickelodeon at 20-years old? I proceeded to tell them stop insulting my culture and left another meeting with them shaking their heads like, “He just doesn’t get it.”

They’re right, I don’t.

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