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Changes at V103 Atlanta

crashandobamaLast year we closed out 2012 with ’s shocking announcement that he was exiting the morning show.. well a year later the show he left and was replaced with has just made some MORE changes and I predicted ALL of these changes. (See which one of RFFocus Predictions for 2013 came true tomorrow) Looks like the morning show has made some changes.  Crash, ’s and is out along with Kendra and the bigger news is is out. The former midday replaced several women preceding her and we were concerned about her being the as Atlanta wants a “homegirl” in that slot probably with a few extra pounds and a few less than the average amount of teeth (lol). Egypt is a stunning woman and radio is not used to that. We are used to women on the air that sound sexy and look like Rick Ross (I’m kidding folks I’m KIDDING) (I can see the emails now). She states she left to pursue multi media interests… uh OooooooooK….  We will keep you posted of more updates. (pictured Crash, former morning show sidekick)

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