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Changes at the Tom Joyner Morning Show?

tjms_back_2RFFocus has been informed that Radio One is allegedly making a few changes with the to tweak it for a few markets to boost “appeal” and to tighten things up a bit. No word on any any major changes to the show.

Joyner completed the sale of a majority of his company, , to Radio One this past year leaving him less than 20%. Radio One has creative control of the TJMS and this is the second set of changes to take place with the show since the on air cast of the show was reduced a few years ago.

Joyner’s fill in  who replaced  recently failed with the new assignment and DL Hughley  is stepping in as the newest host for the former Michael Baisden show.  Hughley who is probably one of the BEST syndicated hosts in radio has had a hard time landing with a solid company..

We will listen to Joyner’s show this week and give our honest personal evaluation of what needs to be done with the show this Friday.

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  1. D.L. one of the best ?

    How do you come to that conclusion given that his show has not worked anywhere. ? He works too hard trying to be funny every break. He drags up material from his past stand up routines and uses it to comment on daily topics. He did the same thing on that show he had on CNN.
    He needs to relax and let the show come to him. If you ever watch Seinfeld you’ll notice that Jerry rarely did anything funny, he was sort of a traffic cop and directed the others on the show as to when it was their turn .Jerry was a straight man who could be funny. but let the others get the laughs. Tom Joyner uses the same formula.

    Just my opinion, I wish the best.

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