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Chamillionaire’s Great Presentation Introducing New App ‘Convoz’

The other day one of my closest friends in the industry told me his radio corporation had a meeting telling the jocks how to prepare for their next opportunity. I almost fell out of my chair. This is BRILLIANT and TRUE. I won’t mention the corporation but I will say I have the greatest respect for ANY corporation that builds that encourages the employees. But the employees should know this on their own.

is/was a rapper that I have to admit I didn’t pay a lot of attention to, but I’ve been keeping an eye on his outstanding business acumen over the last few years. I am always impressed with black business and black success because I know the hurdles.

As part of RFFocus’ commitment to our readers a great .. no … a HUGE part of that is to educate, motivate and REcreate our ability to brand ourselves and to GROW and achieve SUCCESS. With the last site, I heard so many sob stories that were actually preventable. Being in business for 23 years now I KNOW for sure that if you want to remain relevant you have to use your talents as a SPRINGBOARD to do something greater or you will eventually be kicked out of your specialty for either aging out or being inconsistent or irrelevant. Trust me I’ve seen MANY an industry person in that position and you don’t want to be there. You have to ask yourself how you want your story to end and YOU have to control it. There is no return for the old man in the room except to be shown the door. Nobody cares about what he DID in today’s industry it is ALL about what you can DO. I, for one, really LOVE that concept and we can either embrace it or fight it and lose.

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