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CFMR’s 2008 Ultimate Ad Spending Report

MediaPost has created an almanac that projects the picture of ad spending in 2008. The 2008 Ad Spending Outlook will help you smarter business decisions related to your planning needs. This useful resource gives you a clearer view of what the advertising future holds as you begin to plan ’s business ventures. Editor Mand ese says, “The purpose of this report is to present a consolidated view of what the ’s leading prognosticators anticipate over the next several months. Data was extracted from publicly available ad spending forecasts produced by the ad agencies, financial institutions, economists, media observers, and government reports. They are presented as unified document in order that you may compare, contrast and decide for yourself what is likely to come to pass for your organization and the advertising in general. , But Shows Signs of Forecasters are predicting that online would surpass this year in terms of ad spending. However, some are saying that market is slowly picking up.