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Celebrity DJ AM Found Dead in New York

 width=Talk about a getting a warning… Adam Goldstein merely escaped death almost a year ago next month and now the famous has been found his city appartment. Known to most as his stage name of DJ he was reportedly in his bed on Friday morning in New City, TMZ is reporting. According to the report, drug paraphernalia was allegedly found at the scene. He was 36. Goldstein hadn’t been seen or heard from in several days, and a friend checking on him eventually called police. They broke down the door and found Goldstein’s body. Goldstein paired up with rock drummer Travis Barker to form TRVS-DJAM, where the two played off of each other’s improvisations. In September 2008, their plane crashed after a South Carolina show, nearly killing them both.

In the crash that killed four other people, Goldstein and AM narrowly escaped, but suffered bad burns across their bodies. “My eyebrows and layers of skin were burned off my face … My forehead was gouged and my arm had skin hanging off. I was in shock and didn’t feel anything,” Goldstein told PEOPLE.
A month later, DJ AM triumphantly returned to the stage, playing the role of DJ for rap superstar Jay-Z.