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Celebrities and The World Chime in on SCANDAL


Last night as I tuned in to watch the season premiere of , It seems that the entire world did as well. My timelines on Facebook and Twitter were full of rhetoric all day.  From watch parties, Pope praises,  to people being pissed that they thought a potential speech from the President about the Capitol Hill incident would interrupt their favorite show,  Scandal controlled my social media profiles before, during, and after the show.

In the first episode, Shonda Rhimes and her team of writers brought their “A” game. With lines like “I am the hell and the high-water” or “You have to be twice as good as they are to get half of what they got” delivered by actor Joe Morton, who plays Olivia’s dad, reminded me of conversations many Black parents have had with their kids.

The lines ” that poor sweet brown  you’re dragging into your Godless homosexual lifestyle” delivered by Kate Burton who plays the Vice President reminded me of the ongoing conflict of how we view in this country.

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