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Cedric the Entertainer: High-End Weed Factor In Katt Williams Craziness


 width=Cedric the Entertainer co-hosted the nationally syndicated weekend radio show Café Mocha on Saturday June 11, 2011 and during a lively discussion about comedians and , the “˜King of Comedy’ told co-hosts , comedienne and that he believes drugs are a factor in the erratic behavior both comics’ have become known for.

“You can’t necessarily count out the potency of the weed that they’re on as well,” Cedric told the co-hosts. “There is levels of weed that has been introduced to new society that we didn’t’ grow up on. We did some house parties and if you went to college, you had a frat party. But nowadays, the weed store is like going to Costco. There is so much stuff you can get out of the weed store.”

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