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CBS RADIO Houston and Yea! Network Launch Kidd Kraddick in the Morning on Mix 96-5

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HOUSTON and YEA! NETWORK, announced today that popular morning show, KIDD KRADDICK IN THE MORNING, will be taking over morning drive on KHMX-FM/Mix 96-5 weekday mornings starting MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2011. The show can also be heard on line at www.Mix965Houston.com.  The announcement came from and Market Manager for CBS RADIO Houston, Brian Purdy.

“Mix 96-5 is a long-time Houston favorite radio brand and Kidd’s show is a perfect compliment, states Brian Purdy. It’s topical, fun and entertaining and we know our listeners are going to love it.”

Kraddick said, “Houston has been at the top of our affiliate wish list for nearly ten years. We do really well in all of our Texas markets so it looks like a natural and logical next step.”

With its ensemble cast, Kidd Kraddick in the Morning is known for being completely irreverent and hilarious in one moment, then profoundly touching the next. Kidd and his crew have been lauded for their commitment to charity with Kidd’s Kids – the show’s signature charitable cause which sends terminally and chronically ill children and their families to Walt Disney World each November.  The show is heard in 85 markets across the country and Kraddick says his 86th affiliate will get lots of attention.

“We’ve had opportunities in Houston in the past but the circumstances were never exactly right. We only want to be on if we can win, and with CBS as our partner for the first time, we think we have a chance to do well.”

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