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CBS Local Digital Media’s Audio AdCenter Creates Turnkey Tool For Small Businesses


big seanCBS today announced Audio AdCenter, a new and affordable tool developed by CBS Local Digital Media, to help advertisers purchase online audio advertising on some of the nation’s most listened to radio stations. This innovative, self-serve platform enables small businesses to promote and target their products and services to CBS RADIO’s stable of online and mobile radio listeners with customized messaging and creative copy.

Audio AdCenter makes buying and crafting streaming audio ads effortless for local businesses who can choose to reach listeners of one or more of CBS RADIO’s 125 online streams from station’s located in top markets across the country, including all of the Top 10. Formats include news, sports, talk, and music of interest to a broad range of and lifestyles.

By following the on-screen prompts, advertisers can create a campaign that meets the diverse objectives and needs of their company, at the click of a button. 30-second advertisements can be purchased to run during specific times of day with a frequency set by the client.

“Our online and mobile audiences are particularly and active , making it a perfect environment for an advertiser,” said , Chief Operating Officer, CBS Local Media. “We’re excited to offer this proven marketing opportunity to small business owners, and establish an additional resource for CBS RADIO to monetize its exclusive content.”

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