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Brown Sugar Launches on Apple TV Today


Brown Sugar, the new subscription-video-on-demand service featuring the biggest collection of the baddest African-American movies of all-time, is now available on Apple , it was announced today.

Apple TV viewers can now  Brown Sugar‘s extensive and one-of-a-kind library of iconic black , all un-edited and commercial-free as they were originally seen in theaters. Apple TV (Fourth generation) customers who purchase a Brown Sugar subscription will receive a seven-day free trial and then pay $3.99 per month thereafter.

Once subscribed to Brown Sugar through , customers can also watch content online through iPads, iPhones or via www.BrownSugar.com with any Apple device. Existing Brown Sugarcustomers can also access their account and stream the entire Brown Sugar library through Apple TV.

Apple TV seamlessly integrates with iTunes® to wirelessly play a user’s favorite content from a PC or Mac® on their widescreen TV, including movies, TV shows, music, photos and podcasts.

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