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Breast Cancer More Likely for Obese Black Women

 width=A new study has found that obese are more prone to developing  . The study was compiled by researchers at Yani Lu of City of Hope in Duarte, California. For the study, the researchers used data collected for an earlier  study on more than 4,500 women living in  major  American cities.

The researchers revealed that out of 4,500 women  with breast cancer, one third were black women and the rest were white. It was further revealed that the age groups of studied women were between 35 and 64. It had come to light that after eight years of being diagnosed  with  breast cancer  about 14% of white women and a quarter of black women fail to survive.

The findings of the study highlight that obese women were at 46% greater risk of dying  of breast cancer. While coming to the conclusion the researchers also considered factors like  education  and other diseases. They are of the view that obesity alone posses risk of  developing a wild  tumor  in a woman’s breast.


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