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BREAKING: Ryan Cameron Exiting V103, Frank Ski Returns

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We just learned that is exiting the morning show at to work with a branding company. He is retiring from radio. We hear it’s an amazing deal that will give the vet DJ a chance to be a partner. He will be most likely be replaced by former morning show host .  During an announcement on his show this morning Cameron stated  “I have done everything I can do in this field. I am telling Atlanta today that I am going to be moving on to something else.” He went on to say: “No, I didn’t get fired. No, [we’re] not mad. No, I’m not going across the street,” continued Cameron, who’s spent a collective 18 years at WVEE-FM. “I never want to look back and say what I could’ve done because I’m comfortable in this chair.” MISS SOPHIA RETURNS TO V103


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