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BRAND NEW ON E! – Laura Ling & “E! Investigates: Fatal Teen Triangle”

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Laura-Ling-Newsroom-750x400E! INVESTIGATES: Fatal Teen Triangle

Acclaimed Journalist Laura Ling Examines The Of Adrianne Reynolds ““ A 16 Year Old Student Who Suffered a Horrific Death At The Hands Of Fellow Classmates Sarah Kolb and Corey Gregory

Even in a world where teen violence has become more and more common, what happened in East Moline, Illinois in January 2005 stands out as shocking ““ the murder of 16 year – old Adrianne Reynolds at the hands of two of her classmates, Cory Gregory and Sarah Kolb. Laura Ling and the E! Investigates team traveled to the scene of the crime to discover what could possibly set into motion such violence among teens and spoke exclusively with many of the story’s key figures, including the ’s family, friends of the two teens convicted of murder, local law enforcement, and the two local journalists who covered the case in detail. E! Investigates Fatal Teen Triangle premieres on June 22nd at 10:00 PM on E!.

At Blackhawk Outreach Center, an alternative high school, Adrianne Reynolds was the “˜new girl’ in school. After a rough and troubled childhood, she was eager to get her life back on track. It wasn’t long before the pretty and outgoing 16 year-old crossed paths with Sarah Kolb, the school’s “˜queen bee.’ Sarah, who was openly bisexual, initially showed a romantic interest in Adrianne, but the new friendship quickly went bad after Kolb discovered that Reynolds had sex with two boys. Sarah began a rage-driven campaign to break Adrianne’s spirit, at one point telling her, “No one likes you “¦ you should kill yourself.”

That anger and hatred eventually led to murder. After strangling Adrianne in the back seat of a car, Sarah and Cory doused her body with gasoline and let it burn for more than six hours. Then, they enlisted a trusted friend, Nate Gaudet, who brought along a handsaw that was used to cut Adrianne’s body into several pieces. The trio then threw Adrianne’s remains down a manhole at a nearby state park.

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  1. I live in the town where Adrianne was killed and have followed this case from the beginning. I remember news reports of her being missing the first couple of days before Cory came forward and admitted to her murder. I appreciate the new information in this documentary, there were several insights and interviews that have not been shown in the past. I was surprised how little national media attention this case was given when it initially happened, and now I have seen several reports on various series. I am glad to see new details and a new perspective on the case. This story needs to be told so Adrianne is not forgotten.

  2. If people would take other people sericully when they say something because you never know what someone will do and it sad when something can be prevented and even know i didnt live in the area but things like always happens and no one said something and that what the problem is because you someone that said that and youshould tell someone and get help bcause you dont know how someone is.

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